Oh yeah…this person is a moron

Wait…maybe CNN is moronic for still posting this like it was news, but you know how morons are…

Zanata Moore-El asked Obama if he was an atheist.


“I hated having to ask him that,” Moore-El told a reporter. “But I heard he was like an atheist. I don’t want a president who’s an atheist. I’m a firm believer in God. I just really wanted to make sure because I really wanted to vote for him and he has some good topics and everything.”

What kind of cretin votes for someone because of religious beliefs or even lack thereof? I couldn’t even imagine voting for someone because of their religious of beliefs or lack of one, let alone not voting for them because of their religious beliefs or lack of one. I mean, I think more than a few of the mainstream religious denominations or little more than cults, but I’ve still voted for people who prided themselves in their cultfaith because they were qualified for the job. I don’t care if they pray to a Cabbage Patch Doll every day at 5:32pm if they can do the job.

*I changed the title. I started feeling an tiny bit bad because Moore-el probably can’t help being a moron, but I can’t have him/her ego-surfing and finding that title. That’s not cool and it’s just my stupid opinion anyway.


3 thoughts on “Oh yeah…this person is a moron

  1. Sweet of you to change the title to protect “this person’s” feelings. They can’t help being a moron, meanwhile, you can’t help it if your “stupid” (as you humbly put it) opinion is absolutely correct. And you are just that: absolutely correct.


  2. LOL…Thank you!!! I run my mouth a lot and I have a lot of opinions. I even know a lot of my opinions are dumb. But they’re mine all MINE! Still, I can’t believe that anyone in this country can sit there after all these months and think that Obama is an atheist. What kind of vacuum do you have to live in not to know the answer to that?


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