See, I knew I wasn’t going crazy

So the past few weeks, watching video of the candidates, I had noticed that Clinton had some phrasings like Obama. Okay, his phrases are generic words we all use, but on the campaign trail, stuff like can’t happen. Still, I thought I was going a wee crazy and just chalked it up to campaign fatigue. Imagine my delight last night when reading Jack and Jill Politics that dnA had post titled Hillary Stealing Obama Campaign Rhetoric. That’s right. I’m not the only one who caught it. The piece references other bloggers who had noticed it. Like the CarpetbaggerReport that wrote:

* Yesterday, on Hardball, Clinton’s communication director said Iowans are looking “under the hood and kickin the tires,” a line Obama has been using for quite a while. (Chris Matthews told Wolfson he “stole” the line directly and urged the campaign to “get a new scriptwriter.”)

The thing is that some of us political junkies have noticed that since about June Clinton’s speeches are sometimes retreads of Obama’s speeches. Yes, they’re both pretty centrist and have similar ideas, but when Clinton has made a statement to contrast herself to Obama, then turns around and uses Obama’s same words to describe herself, it leaves you scratching your head.


2 thoughts on “See, I knew I wasn’t going crazy

  1. Oh no dear woman..I do not scratch my head when it comes to sHillary. I think she is trying out various ‘tactics’ to see which ones will glean her the most votes.

    I consider her right of the center too..but that is just moi..sorry, but her admitting she wouldn’t get our troops out of Iraq until her second term as Preznit was enough for this ol broad.


  2. That’s second term BS, is killing me and I decided that I’d rather NOT vote for her than suck it up and do it.

    I’ve been reading articles and blog posts all morning long and it seems the Clinton’s campaigns new focus is young people and Independents. Once again, this person who claims to have such leadership is following what Obama is doing.


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