What Howie said…

To anyone who’s spoken to me and has received my micro-rant about ending this Baby Boomer hold on politics, you’ll know exactly why I was fervently nodding my head last night watching Fineman on MSNBC. I’m still waiting for transcripts for that first part, but last night Fineman said what I’ve been saying all last year: Barack Obama’s campaign will and can kill the old guard in DC.

It’s about time. I’m so sick and tired of seeing the same players. I was more than a little disgusted to see old time Clinton operatives working for Obama, but I’ve come to understand that they really do believe things can change. That there can be a new way of working with others.

Last night, watching Clinton’s concession speech, my husband and I just stared at the people she had lined up behind her. I shook my head, “What? Am I 22 again?” A lot has changed since ’92. I’ve changed since ’92. Clinton hasn’t changed that much. She’s cut her hair and became a Senator. That’s it.

Watching Obama’s victory speech, we were both aware of what had happened. My husband was stunned. He heard all the speeches by both sides and kept saying the same thing, “Wow, Obama’s speech was the only one that was presidential.” Obama’s speech was the only speech that didn’t sound forced. Even though we’ve heard different variations on that speech so many times, last night I felt victorious and I wasn’t even rooting for Obama.


That being said, I must admit that I loved watching the pundits/announcers/reporters faces as they had to announce both Obama and Huckabee as winners. I loved the stupid lines they spewed as their appointed winners, Giuliani and Clinton, lost. Baby boy, who must hate me, switched the TV to Fox “News”. The look on that anorexic-looking blond woman’s face (yeah, that one!) was classic and she said, “Oh…um, yes…It looks like…Mike Huckabee is the pr-pro-projected winner in Iowa tonight.” Then she stared at the camera with a tight-lipped sneer. Over at MSNBC, Mitchell and Matthews did their boring Let’s Beat Hillary show, but seriously seemed taken aback that she lost. Mitchell (who is clearly a fucking idiot) actually said something like, “Maybe this is the Letterman effect because she did Letterman instead of Leno and Leno won.” Huh? Makes you wanna kick her in the head, right? Matthews kept spitting at people, “But what does it mean!?” and while Gene Robinson and Rachel Maddow actually seemed downright giddy that Obama won and Clinton lost, the actual reporters in the field really didn’t know how to change up the narrative that fast. Norah O’Donnell, bless her corporate GOP heart, kept screeching on about how “EEEEE-vanGELicals! came out for…Huckabee.” Candy Crowely, Dana Bash, David Gregory, the whole lot just looked repudiated.

And I basked in that.