Calling the Tooth Fairy

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Ilia in my scarf, originally uploaded by fabooj.

Yes, I’m more than a little concerned…my 4 year old lost her first tooth yesterday. She came to me a few days before New Year’s saying that her tooth was loose. I tried to determine if there was horseplay involved and decided there wasn’t. She had a loose tooth. 2 years before she should.

It fell out yesterday with minimum drama on her part. Of course, being the type of people we are, the Tooth Fairy stuff just slipped our minds. So this morning, I explained to her how the Tooth Fairy was pissed at us for forgetting to put the tooth under the pillow. I told her that I called the Tooth Fairy to reschedule and she said that she could pencil us in around nap time. Ilia thought that was the height of silliness.


2 thoughts on “Calling the Tooth Fairy

  1. Lullibell lost 3 or 4 teeth before her 6th birthday. My dentist said not to worry about it. Now it seems like she hasn’t lost any forever!


  2. Thank you…I’ve been freaking out here and calling around for a pediatric dentist in my area. My old dentist stopped treating kids last spring and I hadn’t taken the time to find a new one. Besides, I’m broke and can’t even afford to take her to one. I’m just hoping she doesn’t need spacers.


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