Clinton’s experience

I was talking to my husband about the debates tonight and mentioned how she kept touting her 35 years of experience. Then I realized that she’s been married to Bill for 32 years. That means she’s counting her time as Congressional legal counsel, the law years after that, and the fact that she sat on the board of Wal-Mart. Everything else, was all First Lady (AR and US) stuff.

I’m adding stuff here…

I’ve been kind of chafing at Clinton’s attacks on Edwards and Obama and couldn’t quite put my finger on it until about 10 minutes ago. She attacked Obama’s votes, but she neglected to say that 1) she voted the same exact way and 2) the votes were part of Reid’s negotiations. They really couldn’t vote any other way. She dismissed Edwards time in the Senate for similar reasons and failed to mention that as junior Senator from NY, her hands are similarly tied. A junior Senator just doesn’t have that much clout no matter how long s/he’s in the Senate.

I was also very put off by her constant defense of the Clinton administration with her use of the word “we” when talking about it. We didn’t vote for you to POTUS, Clinton we voted for your husband. If you had a hand in shaping policy, then you need to step up and admit it. Tell us exactly what you did.