MSNBC and the tools at First Read

So, here I am on my computer, streaming the debates in the background and checking around the blogosphere and various media outlets. I kinda got stuck on First Read and MSNBC. Not because their content was top notch, but because these people who get paid to be political pundits on TV (though they probably fool themselves into believing they’re real journalists) have put up the most vacuous crap as posts. Let’s put it this way, their posts make my blog look professional.

Get this…here we are two after Iowa and we get this ‘duh’ post:

From NBC’s Domenico Montanaro

There will be a lot of talk of an Obama and Edwards Survivor-like allegiance tomorrow, but notice who’s not here: Biden and Dodd. Clinton is going it alone now. She doesn’t have the white-haired, longtime senators at her back anymore.

After Dodd and Biden dropped out the race, I spent like 2 hours text messaging with people who blogged about it why this will affect Clinton’s performances at the debates. Two days later, this hits their “political researcher”? He gets paid for that?
Yeah, sign me up…Not only can I write better posts, but I’m willing to travel, will give a different perspective (note that ALL 3 people are white men) and I need the money.

Naturally, there was the post on how tired the Democrats looked, like we should be surprised or care. And the rest of the posts read like what passes for live blogging on the DailyKos front page when the morons who want to join in say, “Whoa! Didn’t expect that question!” or “OMG, can you believe she did that?” And if you’re not watching it’s all so many pointless words.