NH DEBATES: Giuliani…still stupid

During the requisite illegal immigration round, Giuliani rambled on about his plan. He actually said something like (when transcripts are posted I’ll post his actual statement):

“…We’ll have the people (illegal immigrants) step forward and fingerprint them and ID them and when they learn English, they can become citizens. And those that don’t step forward, we’ll deport them.”

Hmmm…how do you deport them when you don’t know where they are? And if you do know where they are, why aren’t they being deported? And how will you know who’s here legally or not unless you plan on having police or something like the Gestapo to ask every American (or tourist) for papers. And if you do have your Gestapo (because, damn…Giuliani talks like a person who thinks it would be a good idea) how exactly are you going to pay for it?

UPDATE: Here’s what Giuliani said

GIULIANI: Then what I would do with the people that are here, when you had a good system in place — and I believe my plan is the best plan for doing that, and these are the kinds of things I achieved in the other jobs that I’ve had in my life, as mayor and associate attorney general — I think what you would do then is, you would say to the 12 million people that are here, come forward, get a tamper- proof I.D. card, get fingerprinted, get photographed.

If they don’t come forward, then you throw them out of the country. The ones who do come forward would have to pay taxes. They’d have to pay fines.

If you pay fines, it is not amnesty. They would not get ahead of anybody else. They’d be at the back of the line. But then they could eventually become citizens, so long as they could read English, write English and speak English.