NH DEBATES: I am Livid

So, I get the TV on, turn it to ABCHD all ready to get some debate watching on, as I read that the debates start at 7pm EST. And I’m looking at my clock thinking, “Wait, it’s 7:05pm in NH and I’m watching snowboarding, WTF?” I checked the time again, checked to make sure today was Saturday and then I checked the schedule on the TV.

Here in LA, we don’t get to watch the debates until 7pm PST.

That is utter and complete bullshit. That’s actually as bad as the time delayed Olympics. There is no excuse or reason that the debates can not be shown at 4pm on the West coast. So, while I’m flipping through my blogs and watching real time liveblogging on the debate, I can not contribute simply because I’m forced to wait 3 fucking hours to watch this shit. At that point, I’d have already read a million news articles on it.

These are already pretty undemocratic debates, but this is just pointless.

Fuck ABC.

UPDATE: I found a live feed from a New Hampshire station. Unfortunately, I’m only getting a green screen and audio. Besides small cues, I can’t tell who’s talking. Some old white guy, I’m assuming. ;P