The mouthbreathers are unhinged

Not a shock. I know, but I’ve been reading comment sections these past few weeks, paying particular care to the Clinton and Obama commenters. It’s interesting in that with Clinton you can tell who is a Democrat who hates her vs. who’s a Republican who hate her. Democrats (at least the ones who most likely didn’t vote for Nader) don’t like her because of her record in the Senate. Fair enough. The deranged Republicans don’t like her because of her husband. None of them can actually talk about what she’s done in the Senate. They mention all kinds of actions or policies from the Clinton administration, and somehow Sen. Clinton is at fault. Following that logic, Laura Bush is responsible for trading Sammy Sosa, ignoring the PDB titled “Bin Laden Determined to Strike US”, and waging two illegal wars.

Doesn’t make much sense does it?

Now with Obama, the yawn-inducing “He’s a Muslim” line is used, but so many people are aware that that’s a lie, that people who use that tend to get mocked. Following that “smear”, is the “Why doesn’t the media use his middle name? [insert creepy music] It’s HUSSEIN!!!!111!!” [thunder/lightning/cymbals crashing] Replying to these people I ask the following questions and never get an answer:

1. When is the middle name of any candidate ever used?
2. I seriously doubt those nincompoops could tell me Mike Huckabee’s or John McCain’s middle names (without Googling it, but how can I verify that?).
3. I have a friend named Hussein who’s a Christian minister. I know a Jewish guy who’s last name is Hussein. I know a guy from Kenya who’s first name is Hussein. I even know a half-Phillipino/half-Indian guy named Hussien. He’s Catholic. Is the name Hussein supposed to mean something?

Since Thursday night though, glimpse at the comment sections on MSNBC, ABCNEWS, or CNNs sites, especially on those articles and post about Obama. It’s pathological among those people. I understand that the GOP and the Bush administration has proven to them the canard that if you tell a lie enough people begin to believe it, but this has gotten ridiculous.


2 thoughts on “The mouthbreathers are unhinged

  1. It amazes me the people who pull the Hussein middle name crap, but I guess it’s the same people who pull the Hillary has more experience than Obama, because she was married to a President.

    Oh so we can use our husband and father’s experience as our experience, well my dad dropped out of school and I’m not married…the rich girls win again.



  2. No doubt. I actually saw a comment on CNN or MSNBC from someone who was a Clinton backer and their argument was that since Clinton lived in the WH for 8 years, she’ll know how it goes and can hit the ground running without the learning curve. I asked how that makes her an effective leader. I got called “anti-Feminist”.



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