WYOMING GOP CAUCUS: Tonight’s the night

Wyoming is having it’s “unsanctioned” GOP caucus tonight.

The Wyoming Republican Central Committee voted unanimously Saturday to have the party’s presidential delegate selection next year on “the same date as the new Hampshire Republican Primary, whenever that may be.”

New Hampshire’s presidential primary is scheduled for January 2008.
(Casper Star-Tribune, Feb. 2007)

See, the Republican party in Wyoming defied RNC rules about having it’s caucus before New Hampshire. They’ll lose half their delegates for the convention, but party chairwoman is okay with that.

Wyoming has paid a price for being early. The Republican National Committee is withholding half of its 28 delegates from the national convention.

Wyoming, however, can decide which delegates are withheld. As a result, all the delegates chosen at the county conventions will get to attend.
(AP via MSNBC)

A little more info on the RNC rules for the elections:

RNC rules require the punishment for states that hold their nominating contests earlier than February 5. Iowa, which held caucuses on Thursday, will not be penalized because, technically, the caucuses are not binding on convention delegates. Nevada, which plans to hold its caucuses on January 19, will not be penalized for the same reason.
(AP via CNN)

For the GOP debate there only 3 candidates showed up, one being Tancrazy who dropped out of the race last week. Hunter, Paul, Romney and Thompson all swung through the state and have been doing the direct mail bit. However, it seems that while the state GOP officials voted this option so they have a voice, now they’re saying that Wyoming probably won’t matter in the grand scheme of things.

I don’t know how much CSPAN I’ll be able to watch today, but you can get updated caucus results here.


4 thoughts on “WYOMING GOP CAUCUS: Tonight’s the night

  1. Now see, I didn’t even know any state was caucusing today.

    Thank you so much for this post..CSPAN is my channel of choice most everyday 😉


  2. Yes, that coolest thing on MSNBC is their Political Tracker. It doesn’t have everything going on, but it has enough. I remembered the Wyoming caucus a couple of weeks ago and it seemed the MSM figured it out last week. I don’t see anything on CSPAN that shows that they’ll show it though. I had just assumed they would.


  3. I just tried to find that Political Tracker..I can’t..do you know what page it’s on? I was all over the political section.


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