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On Political Ticker there is a post regarding last night’s debates. I posted a comment an hour after it was posted and it never showed up. This morning I logged on to see two other comments posted 4 hours after mine, but mine is still “awaiting moderation”.

The post is about Clinton’s large oppo research dump in last night’s debates. The performance that was laughable at best.
1. Clinton didn’t say anything that wasn’t alredy common knowledged
2. Clinton portrayed Obama’s votes as dishonest, but didn’t mention that she voted the same exact way.
3. She managed not to mention that some of those votes were guranteed because of backroom deals by Harry Reid.

Naturally, CNN didn’t report any of this either. That would mean doing research and why should they bother when they just want to tell us what we saw on TV?

My comment then:

fabooj, Los Angeles, CA January 6, 2008 1:13 am ET
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Those lines from Clinton could be harmful for an ignorant sort who takes what they read/hear in the media at face value.

What Clinton managed not to say was that she voted the same exact way Obama did and that neither of them really had any wiggle room as Reid had bound their hands with his wrongheaded negotiations on votes.

But shouldn’t really expect CNN to tell us facts or do any research. Nope, it’s all she said/he said. Fair and balanced with no substance.


Wonder why that comment is still “awaiting moderation”?

UPDATE (12:10pm): About an hour after I posted this, someone from CNN Political Ticket checked this post. And my comment is still “awaiting moderation”.

UPDATE (5:11pm): Well, after approving 98 comments that were posted both before and after mine, my comment above has been posted.


One thought on “CNN Political Ticker…still awaiting moderation

  1. Yeah, I’ve had the same problem with CNN. My comments don’t even usually get to the point of awaiting moderation. This comment they don’t want to post either

    Your comment is awaiting moderation.

    What happens when it’s other nations bullying her? Will Bill come along and say hey you were buds with me, don’t be so hard on her. If you read Barack’s full comments they were not attacking her. Many think her comments were poorly chosen, so instead of saying ‘aw you guys are so mean that’s not what I meant, Bill tell them they’re being mean” she should just have said “I’m sorry and I meant no disrespect to Dr. Martin Luther King and the tremendous affect he had on changing our society for the better. The point I tried to make was the importance of a wise leader who will listen to the voice of the American people and help institute those changes they are calling for”. This isn’t the first time she’s been unfortunately awkward in trying to use the race card. In 2006 she spoke on MLK day and said “When you look at the way the House of Representatives has been run, it has been run like a plantation and you know what I’m talking about.” I think it’s Hillary and not Barack who is trying to play the race card.


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