Obama jabs Clinton

Okay, this is freaky considering what 17 of us were talking about via IM last night. When we heard Clinton’s snippy ‘reality’ line, we brought up all the stuff that America did just because there was hope for change. It was like Obama was on the chat with us:

“You know, I’ve been teased, even derided lately, for talking hope. Last night in the debate, one of my opponents said that you know, ‘You need to stop offering the American (sic) false hopes about what can get done. You need a reality check.’ You remember that?” Obama asked the crowd.

He poked fun at the claim, contextuaizing it in the light of Amwerican history which he said had relied on hope to get through some of his greatest challenges.

“Now think, think about that as a concept. Think about that — not not — ‘imagine that we’re going to the moon and we’ll figure out a way to do it. Understand we can’t do that. We can’t rebuild Japan and Germany after we defeated them in war — that would make no sense. Why would we do that?” he asked the crowd.

Taking a swipe using gender, Obama said, ” Imagine the gall to believe that women have the right to vote. They’ve never had the right to vote before.”

And more: “Imagine a country that was no longer half slave, half free. How can that be? How can you offer people false hopes?’ We don’t need leaders who are telling us what we cannot do. We need a president who can tell us what we can do! What we accomplish! Where we can take this country!”