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the voice of reason on MSNBC.

Fox News decided that despite polls, Ron Paul couldn’t be included in their Republican debate today. They said there’s no room on the bus. Yes, high class Fox News held their debate on a flippin’ bus.


Needless to say, Ron Paul supporters are pissed and the NH Republican Party pulled its support from the debates yesterday.

Well, today, on First Read, there’s a report giving props to Ron Paul supporters:

There really was no justification for eliminating Ron Paul from this debate, given his poll standing in New Hampshire and total money raised. They have a strong argument that he was eliminated because he doesn’t hold the Republican line on foreign policy. And you have to hand it to his supporters for figuring out where even Fox’s focus group was going to be. They certainly made a statement, marching outside with Ron Paul signs, including one that called Fox “unfair.”

Since MSNBC also manages to barely mention Paul (he has 16 posts so far compared to Giuliani’ s 128 and that’s not counting what they don’t say on TV), most of the comments have been about that. But then there was one comment that just shut down the hypocrisy on all sides:

In a free market, libertarian world, privately owned media companies should be free to invite or disinvite anyone they please to be on their network. For Ron Paul to complain about a privately owned company choosing not to include him in one of their programs is completely ludicrous. History has shown us again, and again… that Right wing nut jobs typically lack the basics of clear rational thought, and as a result, are unable to live up to their own so called principled philosophy. Honestly, Ron Pauls followers remind me of an Alzheimer’s victim in a whore house… they just run around…constantly surprised they are getting screwed.
(emphasis mine)

Do I need to say more?


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