Is Mr. "I built a gate" out?

CNN Political Ticker is reporting that Hunter will make an announcement today. None of the other news outlets are reporting anything and my inbox has nothing regarding an announcement.

Oh…one can only hope that yet another GOP one-trick pony will fall by the wayside.

UPDATE: He’s staying in the race. Hunter just used this ploy to get some media attention.

(CNN) – Underdog GOP presidential candidate Duncan Hunter lashed out at “knucklehead media executives” who did not include him in this weekend’s New Hampshire primary debates, telling reporters he was staying in the race despite widespread expectations he would announce his withdrawal.


“Who do they think they are?” he said of media big shots. He also noted that he won a delegate from the caucuses in Wyoming on Saturday, which puts him ahead of Rudy Giuliani in that category. And he said he would remain a candidate “no matter what happens” in New Hampshire’s Tuesday primary.

All signs point to a poor showing for Hunter. But he hopes that his emphasis on defense and national security issues might give him a boost in the South Carolina primary later this month. (LAT)


XM POTUS08 just played audio of Duncan Hunter’s press conference from earlier today, and it didn’t sound pretty. He sounded angry and bitter over being left out of this weekend’s debates, and appeared to argue that he should have been included because of his military service, and/or his son’s.

He lashed out at “corporate media executives” who work “ten stories above Central Park in New York City” for excluding him from the debate. He asked how many of them had worn the uniform, how they served their country, or how many had children serving in the military today. (NRO)

It seems that the candidates are finally speaking about the media’s decision on who’s viable and who isn’t.