Can we just stop it?

In the past few months headlines from blogs and media outlets have accused Hillary Clinton (and very few of her opponents) of “playing the [insert whateverness] card”. Today, it reached the ultimate in stupidity with MSNBC First Read’s headline: Hillary Plays the Al Qaeda Card. BTW, I did post a comment at 12:40pm to the site and it has yet to be posted. In content, it pretty much mirrors this post–but no cuss words.

What the flying fuck is that supposed to mean? Seriously. The entry is small and quotes something from the Boston Globe. But you click on the link and it doesn’t say anything either. It’s just her quote, no context. I don’t even know where or when she said this.

These media outlets either need to do their jobs correctly or just stop pretending to report on matters. Especially when there is no purpose to putting out these pointless blurbs.