CNN Political Ticker…the comedy just keeps on coming

I click over to Political Ticker to see what’s up. I’m greeted with this:

January 8, 2008
Posted: 11:06 PM ET

CNN’s Sasha Johnson reports that when televisions broadcast Barack Obama’s comments on the Iraq war, midway through his election night speech, some Hillary Clinton supporters at her campaign headquarters began to boo.

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Needless to say, that’s not newsworthy. That’s like me posting that my kid crapped in his diaper today. It’s expected and who cares, right? The 6 comments pretty much summed up that sentiment. I just clicked again to see if more comments had been added and got this:

Not Found

Sorry, but you are looking for something that isn’t here.

UPDATE: It seems that CNN Policitical Ticker reinstated the blog post and now it’s up to 1092 comments.


One thought on “CNN Political Ticker…the comedy just keeps on coming

  1. Wow! Great catch.
    I’d excuse the comment, as the Political Ticker is a blog, not hard news. (and I do think bad manners on Hillary supporters side is notable, considering that earlier in the day Huffington Post was showing a clip of Edwards supporters refusin to shake her hand).
    But for CNN to delete an unpopular blog entry is a little insulting.


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