NH PRIMARY: Nothing much happening

Two cities opened their polls at midnight. In Dixville Notch we have this:

The 17 voters, including four cast absentee, favored McCain, giving him four votes to Romney’s two and Giuliani’s one, while Democrats overwhelmingly voted for Obama with seven votes, followed by John Edwards with two and one for Bill Richardson.

One new resident of Dixville registered as the polls opened, bumping the total number of voters — representing 100 percent of eligible voters in the community — to 17, down a bit from the 24 or so voters who turned out in 2004.

Other than that, nothing is really happening, which is probably why ABCs The Note decided to do a blog post on Dennis Kucinich stealing their mixed nuts. Come to think of it, I wouldn’t hold my breath for more important info. At least the blogosphere has on the ground analysis going on.