Oh noes! More angry white people

Many people think it would be good to have “somebody that was of his background” become president, Voinovich said, because it would be a “good message in terms of culture.”

That ain’t even subtle. That’s “you’re so articulate” level racism right there. That’s “you’re a credit to your race” bullshit. It’s actually astounding to me, because when you look at the comments on CNNs Political Ticker, no one’s focusing on this part.

Voinovich, by the way also said:

“He hasn’t any experience in foreign policy. Give me a break,” Voinovich said of his colleague from Illinois, who also serves on the Foreign Relations Committee.

Which could be true…I don’t work in the Senate. But I do know that Sen. Obama has vastly more international experience that the current Moron-in-Chief who had never even left the continental US before becoming president. So, now the Republicans who though foreign policy experience was overrated in 2000, all of a sudden think it’s very important.