Yes we can!

See that? Tears. Yes. On me.

Man, Obama can give a speech. And that makes it 4 speeches from Obama that have moved me to patriotism. I mean, really want to hang a flag outside my house and yell out “I LOVE AMERICA”. No one ever has moved me the way this man does. I hear so many speeches from so many politicians, I watch CSPAN just for glimpses of Tim Ryan or Frederick Meet holding it down on the floor. Those are two very inspiring people. Obama…damn…I still got chills from that speech.

Probably one of the best concession speeches ever given.


2 thoughts on “Yes we can!

  1. LOVED IT! It echoed RFK, JFK and MLK. It was a lot like the Iowa speech, but it was also just as inspiring and motivating.

    I was hanging out with an Obama supporter and a Clinton supporter, watching the returns. The Clinton supporter turned to our other friend and asked if he could get her in touch with the right people so she could help him organize the 2/5 states. That is pretty darn impressive.


  2. That is impressive…and it was a wonderful speech. My husband came home right when it ended and I started talking about it, ready to rewind it so he can hear it. He said,”I heard it in the car. The kids shut. Ilia stopped talking.” My daughter talks about 14 hours a day. The other 10 hours, she’s asleep.


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