Damn you Jesse Jackson Jr.!

Now the White People know!


I was just over at MyDD and there’s a post there called Obama’s Dog Whistle Politics. The main point of the post is that Jesse Jackson Jr. said this:

(transcript from TPM)
We saw something very clever in the last week of this campaign coming out of Iowa, going into New Hampshire, we saw a sensitivity factor. Something that Mrs. Clinton has not been able to do with voters that she tried in New Hampshire.

Not in response to voters — not in response to Katrina, not in response to other issues that have devastated the American people, the war in Iraq, we saw tears in response to her appearance. So her appearance brought her to tears, but not hurricane Katrina.

Yeah. He said it.

And if you are a Black person in this country hooked on politics and know other black people hooked on politics, the same thing was said days ago. IOW, Jackson didn’t say anything new, he just said it to White People.

Dammit. ;P

This started as a post on MyDD, but I said screw it…I’ll put it on my own blog:

Moments after the media plastered her choking up on TV, I heard it from my aunt who used the same exact line, except there were more curse words and The Clenis involved. I was on the phone with family and friends for about an hour after the story posted talking about this. All these people pissed at Clinton for choking up about her fucking hair, when there are loads of other things to get worked up over.

No, it wasn’t lost on anyone and Jackson Jr. just said what people have been saying for the past few days. I got emails asking if I was going to broach the subject on my (largely unread) blog. I said that I wasn’t even going to touch it and those other bloggers didn’t either. Let people figure it out for themselves. After all, if I can get 7 phone calls and 12 IMs moments after the story broke, all saying the same thing, the clearly broader America could get it on their own. If they cared to think for themselves, that is.

On a much broader issue, there is a race dynamic in this campaign that The White People have really had to deal with before. So, this 2nd guessing on blogs and in the media is really amusing to me. I love the verbal contortions and “accidental” slips of the tongue of entrenched racism. Not necessarily talking about any one here (MyDD that is), but to see white bloggers in the liberal blogosphere pretend to worry about race all of a sudden, when they’ve either accepted racism from fellow posters or posted something racist themselves is somewhat amusing to me.

IMO, no matter what Jackson Jr. said, it would be called a “dog whistle” by someone in the blogosphere simply because he is a Black man defending another a Black man. I also wouldn’t be surprised to see people (especially in the liberal blogosphere) hollering for Obama to distance himself from the remarks for various reasons I’m going to be too nice to mention.

So everyone have a field day with Jackson remarks. The Clinton campaign will call foul. Stupid and pointless drama will unfold in the liberal blogosphere (as usual) and the not-so-closeted racists will come out and say things that will be defended (as usual).

Meanwhile, us black folk can keep on keepin’ on and move on to other things. Like the stuff that matters.

Like Sha Na Na.


9 thoughts on “Damn you Jesse Jackson Jr.!

  1. Largely unread? No, my blog is largely unread. Okay, it’s completely unread, but it doesn’t stop me from posting!! But then again, how many blogs are there dedicated to union issues that aren’t run by a union or union folk? Um, I can think of 3 and I’m one of them.

    PS, can you also explain to me why no Liberal blogger has yet to address the scab status of those we’ve placed on a pedestal like, well, say Stewart and Colbert?

    Reading some white liberal bloggers is also like re-reading right wing talking points of be scared of the black man and woe is the catering service and cameraman during the writers strike. Are you Fucking kidding me? Why are there any progressives in the blogosphere calling Clinton out for this AND calling a scab a scab? I mean, Kos can call a mercenary a mercenary, but won’t ban racist diarists or call out Colbert or Stewart. Makes me so freaking mad.


  2. You know…I actually have a post up ready to go up about Stewart and Colbert. I won’t promise it will be good, but when you read the liberal blogosphere and you see people standing up for their oh-so-selective principles, it’s enough to make you gag.


  3. It makes me want to gag AND thow up my hands. There are times my pacifist tendancies are subjected to this desire to throttle people who claim to be progressive but ditch the diversity and labor rountables and talks and opt to join the masses for discussing the war, or hearing the guy from the ACLU or discuss LIVEBLOGGING the Libby trial?

    Why isn’t the goal not only to elect Dems, but to elect GOOD Dems who understand that it’s more about what we do than just what we say. And what we do is still overflowing the Libby thing and me sitting with about 5 other people for the summit on poverty. Probably why I’ve now bailed on netroots nation for this year.


  4. “Why isn’t the goal not only to elect Dems, but to elect GOOD Dems”

    In 2006, that was one of my biggest disappointments in DK. The push for certain candidates just because they had a D behind their names. I looked up some of these people and thought, “Gosh, I wouldn’t vote for him/her if I lived in that state. They’re practically Republicans!”. And the excuse always given is something like, “Well, s/he is representing a pretty conservative area. What do you expect?” I expect them to fulfill the Democratic platform. It’s pretty sad to see people who call themselves progressives to sell out a belief here, a stance there just get one more D in Congress. If these people were truly unwavering in their supposed progressive credentials, why are they not supporting Kucinich? Oh, because he may or may not have said that abortion should be illegal. One thing and Kucinich lacks electability. Meanwhile, they’re willing to throw union, labor, LGBT, minorities and the poor under the bus to back someone that has many more strikes against them, but is more electable.

    Give me a break.

    As for the hypocrisy in the so-called netroots, well I wondered the same thing when it comes to conferences. When I was working on YK, I remember all those people talking about how Labor should be a focus. There were so many posts and emails demanding labor roundtables. I dropped in on one of the labor workshops and there were 3 people there. The hallway, at that time was full of people just milling about.


  5. And Firedoglake even gives them a pass


    Christy Hardin Smith says this:


    Stewart and Colbert have contracts which are currently in force, and they have production obligations as well. If they didn’t go back on, they could (a) be fired, (b) have their shows cancelled meaning everyone else would lose their jobs, (c) get sued, and (d) get blackballed by the studio system meaning they couldn’t get more jobs for others working for their shows in the future. The writers currently do not have active contracts — they expired, and the studios didn’t re-up with the writers under the terms proposed, which is why there is a strike.

    Talent and writers are two separate categories in terms of contracts here. As are producers and directors.


    No shit they’re different, but Colbert and Stewart are UNION MEMBERS. They suffer the same fate as every other worker who stands up to management. They’re as bad as Joe Montana during the NFL strike 20 years ago. AND, Set MacFarlae (Family Guy) walked off his job as executive producer when the strike began. He is Family Guy. He refused to finish the episodes and Fox produced them with out him.

    PS, I’m very interested in what you have to say about this.


  6. I’m not shocked that FDL gives them a pass. They give everyone that’s like them a pass for anything.

    Hardin Smith’s excuses are so much BS. I have a friend who was a producer on one of the late night shows. As much as he liked his job and needs the money, he could not go back to work, crossing the union. He quit. I have another friend, also a producer on a late night show an he went back to work wholeheartedly, even though he really doesn’t need the money, but he used the same excuse Hardin Smith did.

    My logic is that even if Colbert or Stewart were released from their contracts, Comedy Central or almost any other channel would have been more than happy to pick them up.

    But the lamest excuse is D. If all the producers honored the strike, then I seriously doubt the studios would be willing to blackball hundreds of people with proven money-making backgrounds. The studios are all about money and at this point, there seems to be a balance. All these producers could just as easily start their own studio (and people are talking about it) or refuse themselves to work with studios who blackball others. IOW, Hardin Smith seems to give these studios more power than they deserve or actually have, just to justify some idolized scabs.


  7. i came here to see if you had anything to say about Andrew Cuomo’s “shuck and jive” comment.

    I’m looking through lots of AA blogs trying to get a sense of the response.


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