NEW HAMPSHIRE PRIMARY: Obama’s concession speech

I woke up this morning thinking about the speech, so I decided there was no reason not to post it:

Now, tell me that wasn’t an awesome concession speech.


4 thoughts on “NEW HAMPSHIRE PRIMARY: Obama’s concession speech

  1. It rocked,I have been an Obama girl(though not the one with the song and video) since my Dad gave me his book back in ’06. In related news there seems to be a fair number of Obama supporters on the April ’03 board(cam as a huge shock to me as it’s always seemed to be a very conservative group)in fact,Jen Kirshling’s husband was very involved in the campaign ,the whole family went to the Iowa Caucus and he was selected as a delegate and Amber(also an Obama supporter from Iowa) was selected as a delegate as well.


  2. Kelli, I’m shocked at that too…I know when I did my informal poll of them most of them were leaning Clinton just because she was a woman, but most of them had said that they’d probably vote for McCain. Obama huh? And that group is extremely conservative, IMO…color me stunned.


  3. I know,maybe this country doesn’t suck as hard as I thought,I am starting to have a glimmer of hope that change is possible!


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