Remember Sha Na Na?

You know…sometimes I wonder just how much drugs was consumed in the 70s. I’m in no way excusing the crap that passes for TV entertainment these days, but damn. Sometimes, I think back to what I used to watch and just know that Bowling for Dollars was probably thought up by the uncle of the person who gave us Pants Off, Dance Off.

But Sha Na Na was…different. Right? I know there was a show in there between the singing (It was the 70s…name one show that was on in the 70s that didn’t involve singing.) and it may or may not have been funny. I remember a laugh track. I remember living to watch Sha Na Na–and Bowling for Dollars for that matter–but not much else beyond Bowzer. Then I remembered shiny pants and couldn’t tell if I was thinking of Solid Gold or sharkskin suits.

I checked YouTube.

There were gold pants…3 pairs of them. And they were tight and I’m utterly confused as to why three guys in shiny gold outfits were dancing to 50s songs…was this a weird capitalization of Happy Days and disco?

Did I really like this show?


3 thoughts on “Remember Sha Na Na?

  1. Does it make me lame that I have never seen Grease?

    But…I do know that Primus was the band in the Battle of the Bands in Bill and Ted’s Bogus Journey.


  2. I love Bill and Ted!!!! EXCELLENT!!!

    It doesn’t make you lame that you’ve never seen Grease but ad you and I seem to have similar music tastes I think you would like it.


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