The Clinton campaign changes

Whatever happened to the 90s throwbacks? Remember Iowa, where Villiaraigosa, Clark and Albright were upon stage with her? Last night they packed everyone who looked younger than the Senator’s daughter right behind her and up front. The crowd shots looked a big weird with just old people, but whatever…for the tight shots, they got what they needed; rows of young, white faces waving American flags.


I take exception of the media narrative that Clinton’s campaign handlers have let her go “off-script”. From the last week in Iowa, to voting yesterday, that had been the plan. The media told us the plan. The campaign told us the plan. They told us that you’ll see a softer Clinton, a more accessible Clinton. It was true. They changed her clothes, and let her talk to the media. But don’t insult me and tell me all of this is off-script. Please note, that Clinton read–practically line for line–every word of that (dull) speech. Or I could have a different meaning of “off-script”. Let’s put it this way…just pulling from my 20 years of political junkiehood, I could have given that speech in my sleep. That means there is no doubt that Clinton could have pulled it off. She can be personable and engaging and that is speech she should have given last night.


Please, please, please keep Bill away from the campaign. It seems when he goes out by himself, he can talk about Sen. Clinton pretty well. When she’s around, he seems to get mad she’s getting the attention. I’m also really sick of the constant lies he keeps telling. He’s making himself, as a former president, look really stupid.

Besides, most people don’t think of this campaign as Sen. Clinton’s campaign. They see it as The Clinton’s campaign. That’s not good…I sometimes find myself typing “The Clinton’s” instead of “Sen. Clinton” and realized it was the campaign’s fault for compromising itself with forcing Bill on us.


Most importantly. For my sanity and peace of mind, as I’ve said before, I really hope this New Hampshire win means the Clinton’s will stop with the negative campaigning. I think that if they had been doing this all along that it would be one thing, but all that negativity in 5 days…with most of it being complete lies or old news…it was embarrassing.


2 thoughts on “The Clinton campaign changes

  1. Hey stranger just had to ask if you have noticed and/or been annoyed by Sen.Clinton’s weird adoption of local dialect no matter where she’s speaking? NY was a given but I can’t decide whether I liked the Chicago thing or her “Southern drawl” in Kentucky best,I really crack up every time I hear speak…I’m waiting for her to break out a British accent somewhere.


  2. LOL…I know what you’re saying. I know that many people get annoyed at that, but since I do it too (usually to get what I want), I completely understand it. OTOH, I’m not running for president (yet!) and yes, it’s annoying to see a politician do it because it is simple pandering.

    But, we also have to consider that she was born in IL, when to college in the northeast, live in AR, then moved to NY. Since she did each for so long, it almost makes sense for her to adopt the cadence. When she’s out here in CA, she even comes off very Valley-ish in her speeches.


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