What cracks me up…

Whenever the little girl is shocked or surprised by something, she said, “Macaroni!”.

Ilia had just cleaned her room. It took almost an hour for her to put the toys and books away. In the time it took for her to go to the bathroom, Alton got in there and had pulled all the toys out the boxes. She came out of the bathroom and all I heard was, “Macaron! Mr. Oh no! Macaroni! Mr. No…don’t…no…MACARONI! MA-MAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!”

I couldn’t even get into the room, I was laughing so hard.


2 thoughts on “What cracks me up…

  1. Perhaps I can get Carter to adopt “Macaroni” as opposed to his current favorites “BAD,BAD BABY!” (yes his sister in mobile now and into his business,his self proclaimed “most important present I need this year” was a baby gate for his door to keep Cami out)and the one that makes us look like top notch parents “What the Huh? I suppose it is better than What the F” but honestly,it’s not fooling anyone…ahhh 4 year olds



    We had those days. The only problem is that Alton thought his name was “Bad”. Now, he’s deliberately bad and even shakes his finger at himself, “Bad, bad!”


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