Political endorsements for Sen. Obama

As you all probably know, yesterday Sen. John Kerry endorsed Sen. Obama. Today Gov. Napolitano and former Democratic winner of the CT Senate race, Ned Lamont endorsed the Senator.

Ned Lamont writes on his blog:

When I decided to run for Senate, I did so because I deeply believed that the citizens of Connecticut were yearning to see fundamental changes in our politics – changes that would make government work for them again.

Today, with our Presidential primary in Connecticut less than a month away, I am announcing my support of Barack Obama for President because I am convinced that his forward-looking, progressive vision provides the best chance to enact meaningful reforms in the way Washington works.

Gov. Napolitano will give her endorsement later today:

Gov. Janet Napolitano will announce her presidential endorsement for Barack Obama shortly after noon today, a source close to the governor has told The Arizona Republic.

The two will appear together in Las Vegas this evening as the Ilinois senator campaigns in preparation for Nevada’s Democratic caucuses Jan. 19.

With this endorsement, I’m very interested in what the LGBT bloggers have to say. After the Obama campaign huge screw-up with bigot and self-loathing liar Donny McClurkin back in Oct. many gave upon voting for Obama. There is also the fact that everyone I know in the LGBT community wants Napolitano to finally come out as a proud lesbian, despite reports that she’s not at all gay.


There are stories that Rudy Giuliani’s staff will forgo checks. Which shouldn’t be surprising. Did you see that handy-dandy delegate counter (thanks MyDD) over there?

He hasn’t won any of the 2 primaries and 1 caucus…not even in the top 3. Even though he’s doing as well as Duncan Hunter, he’s spending like he Mitt Romney. What we’re seeing is the pitfall of having the media choose you as frontrunner. Maybe he should choke up on TV to get that status back, huh?


I didn’t watch the GOP debate in SC yesterday, as I’m really tired of all these debates and I don’t watch Fox because I have a brain. Let’s make it clear: Not every state or media outlet should get the chance to hold debates. I actually have debate fatigue. Me! I know! But still, I know the GOP field: they’re Torture-loving, Family-shredding, Money-loving, Bible-thumping warmongers.

Yawn. Nothing new to the Republican party.