Clinton’s racism is Obama’s fault

Well, no need to worry about the coded racist signals, the Clinton campaign has been sending. According to susanhu (a Clinton supporter), who posted this diary at MyDD, assures everyone that…it’s actually Obama’s fault. Actually, I think it’s important for the title to be posted as it should give you a clue as to how these so-called liberals think:

This Racism Kerfuffle Is Total B.S.


Yep, that’s what the bit…she wrote.

Let’s move on to the gossipy, shrill and breathless intro:

Obama’s campaign is orchestrating the trumped-up racism brouhaha (see the Obama campaign memo that Taylor Marsh acquired).

Obama wants to guilt-trip every black voter into voting for him. He needs black voters in South Carolina, a state he desperately needs to win to stay viable after his New Hampshire loss. (Pundits say if Obama loses South Carolina, he’s finished. So far, he’s behind Clinton in the polls.) That’s what is behind Michael Eric Dyson flapping his gums on every talk show and that Obama campaign memo that gives Obama-ites talking points to promote this fabricated issue.

Yep, this would be the same MyDD where the front page post Obama’s Dog Whistle Politics was found. susanhu, posted this screed also on No Quarter, the blog of former CIA analyst, Clinton supporter and robust Obama-basher, Larry Johnson.

That’s what is behind Michael Eric Dyson flapping his gums…

Nah, let’s save susanhu’s unveiled racism for another day.

Did you click the link for the memo? It takes you to Taylor Marsh’s website. Now, I’m sorry, but all my years in the blogosphere has given me an even bigger dose of skepticism than I already had. The “memo” Marsh posts is allegedly from the Obama campaign’s secretary. There’s no proof there, except her name is at the bottom. But even if the memo is from the press secretary so the fuck what? What do they have? A memo to the press pointing out Clinton’s racist remarks.


It’s a fucking campaign. Campaigns highlight the words of their opponents. Or is Obama not allowed to do that because he’s black?

It’s funny to me the same people who wanted DINO Jim Webb in the Senate, who were pulling out hair and wetting their fucking pants because of George Allen’s macaca moment are now completely accepting of racism. Allen’s explanation for using that term had less holes than Marsh’s and susanhu’s post combined.

But you know what? When you scroll down to comments both at Marsh’s site and at MyDD, you can actually hear the sigh of relief from The White People.

Oh and those of us who have witnessed the racism from the Clinton camp? According to susanhu, who knows black people, she gives us bullshit lines and some of them fully wrapped in racism:

(For a while, it seemed that Obama would avoid Al Sharpton-esque B.S., but the New Hampshire results shook him badly. His deflation was written all over his face and in his body language. It’s a sad mark of decline to see such a smart, highly educated man resort to such tactics. Further, it harms the fight against real racism.)

See, in the white, liberal blogosphere, real racism, is when Republicans do it. Other than that, those people hide behind their so-called “progressiveness”, rampant ignorance, and almost contagious stupidity of, “Whaaa? I had no idea that calling you ‘nigger’ would offend you.”

Now, I read the beginning of it, thinking, “Well, I lost the bet.” See, me and some other bloggers had a bet that a diary like this would be posted some time this weekend. It was obvious that the Clinton campaign was going to do it soon if you checked the comment sections of news and media sites. And throughout the blogosphere, you read the same thing from Clinton supporters. Yes, we knew that the Clinton campaign would dispatch a few people to write something to make all the words coming from the Clinton campaign look like it’s Obama’s fault. So it’s even more hysterical when susanhu writes an incredibly factless and racist intro to her diary, then all of a sudden gives us this quotes and facts. The same quotes and facts that have been floated throughout the comment sections and blogs. LOL…I can so totally work in the Clinton campaign now.

Taylor Marsh writes one of the most delusional lines I’ve ever read:

Using the race card against Hillary Clinton is laughable.

If Clinton’s campaign uses racist code words and gets called on it, that’s “using the race card”? How? Or is it laughable because there are some white people out there who actually think that Clintons “helped black people” despite the fact that that isn’t true? Or maybe because she’s a white Democrat and as some white Democrats like to lie to themselves, “they don’t have a racist bone in their bodies”?

But you know what, none of that matters. The liberal blogosphere is absolutely relieved to see that it is Obama’s fault.

Everyone who’s pointed out these dog whistles of the Clinton campaign are imagining things. And, susanhu also says that everyone who’s noticed the dog whistles are just Obama surrogates. Apparently in susanhu’s world, black people can’t think for themselves, and so we’re actually being directed by the Obama campaign. And if anyone knows black people, it’s susanhu, Clinton surrogate.


7 thoughts on “Clinton’s racism is Obama’s fault

  1. OMG – I have so much to say, and no time to say it. (I’m getting ready for work.)

    First, I followed your link, and I got pissed off reading the comments there. Lemme get this straight – recognizing racial incidents, and listing them on a memo make them YOUR FAULT? Really? What.The.Hell.

    Second – I was watching Morning Joe on MSNBC (I know, I know – I was surfing) and Joe Scarborough et al were talking about how outrageous the Clinton’s racist tactics are.

    Third, I was over at DailyKos this morning, and this is on the recommended list:

    Thank you so much for your blog!


  2. I am officially thru with the Clintons over this. I tried to hold on to my respect for them, but this is Karl Rove 101: do something despicable and when your opponent reacts claim your opponent is actually the one who interjected the nastiness into the campaign.

    I have been shocked (shocked!) at the way all this has been defended by HRC supporters whom I thought were more sensitive to racial issues. That’s my naivete. I have really been educated these past few weeks. And I now join the growing chorus of people who believe that the Clintons would say or do anything to win this election, even throw the black vote and the sensibilities of black voters under the bus.

    BTW, since people are still forwarding you DailyKos info, did you see kid oakland’s strong analysis of why the “fairytale” comment is so insidious?


  3. Hi rikyrah, I do and I’ve spamming the internet with the link. I had a post on it when ya’ll rolled it out, but for some reason, it won’t post. I’m actually adding to my blogroll right now.


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