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Scrapbooker’s scandals: Oh the drama…I read this article in the LA Times. All the words because not only was I completely mortified it was actually on the front page of the paper, but it just goes to show that the drama that erupts in all these internet corners is almost always minuscule in the grand scheme of things.

First we must start with the headline:

A Scrapbook Career Ends in Shreds.

Career. Career?

Yep. Apparently, hobbies are now careers.

“It’s kind of like being a rock star,” Contes said. “It’s not what you think scrapbooking is.”

The Story

Famous scrapbooker submits a page for a competition. A photo was taken by a friend. She called competition and told them. Competition person says, “Fine, we’ll credit the friend.”

Someone else had taken pictures that ended up in her portfolio. When Contes called Creating Keepsakes to request that her friend receive a photo credit, the staff member approved it without realizing she had broken an entry rule: Submissions had to be solely the contestant’s work. The book came out in October with both names published — to the dismay of thousands.

Ruh-roh, the photo is illegal. Famous scrapbooker wins and gets into Hall of Fame.

Disgruntled scrapbookers besieged the Creating Keepsakes chat room threatening to cancel subscriptions, boycott and sue. Scrapbooking bloggers called it “Hall of Fame-Gate,” naming it the top scrapbooking scandal of 2007. They compared it to the performance-enhancing-drug controversies involving major league baseball player Barry Bonds and Olympic track star Marion Jones. Someone wrote that Contes was as polarizing a figure as Martha Stewart

All hell breaks loose. Then Contes, won a place in my heart with this:

At first, Contes found the uproar amusingly absurd. She replied on her blog: “Apparently, many lives have been destroyed by this catastrophe. The devastation will surely go on for many years to come, and this tragedy will not soon be forgotten.”

Scrap-Gate has broken wide open.

She didn’t mean to break the Hall of Fame rules, and Creating Keepsakes judges should have kicked her out immediately, she wrote, or “burned me at the stake, whatever.”

“If I was doing something shady or trying to cheat then you never would have seen the photo credit in the first place (DUH). Wait, I think that bears repeating. DUH.”

Contes’ defense didn’t stand up to her critics.

Naturally, because people (in general) on the internet are complete morons and even though the obvious is staring you in the face, a witch hunt is much more fun.

As various sorts of twits online are wont to do, classy comments, that you know the writer would never say to anyone’s face showed up:

“I guess her response is ‘dignified’ if you live in the same trailer park as she does.”

She “doesn’t have a moral bone in her body.”

And then there was this paragraph, that just had me laughing and wishing I had such a worry-free life:

One person condemned Contes’ lack of shame, admitting that she, too, had entered a contest once, and later realized she had broken the rules. “For about 10 minutes I kept thinking ‘Don’t worry about it, nobody’s gonna know,’ ” she wrote. “But then I thought ‘You and GOD are going to know.’ ” She withdrew from the contest so her children would still be able to look her in the eye, and then “proceeded to cry for about 3 days.”

Famous scrapbooker is stripped of her Hall of Fame status and apologies are dealt.

“Did she have to give back her crown and sash too???” someone wrote on the Two Peas in a Bucket message board. “It’s like Vanessa Williams all over again.”

Now Famous scrapbooker doesn’t scrapbook again…

For weeks, Contes did not want to look at a scrapbook or talk to another scrapbooker.


Then one afternoon, sitting in her apartment decorated with framed concert ticket stubs from Lisa Loeb, Weezer and Imogen Heap, Contes felt a familiar feeling.

or will she.


Edge of your seat drama!

Poignant and touching!

I’m so glad that poverty, war, disease, global warming and any other -ism has been settled, because clearly there would be no other reason this would be on the front page of the LA Times.