"Ewwwww…you’re married!"

My daughter thinks it’s absolutely insane that me and my husband are married to each other.

My daughter thinks we’re rude for getting married 5 years before she was born.

My daughter thinks I’m gross for marrying a boy.

My daughter asked me today, “Why didn’t you marry a girl?” I said, “Some women like girls and some like boys.” She looked at me like I was lying. Why? Because all of our female friends in committed relationships are lesbians.

I’m an anomaly in her world.


6 thoughts on “"Ewwwww…you’re married!"

  1. LOL! That’s pretty funny!

    Daughter Dearest is 18, and still gets huffy when I smooch on Mrs. Fetched… so it doesn’t get any better as she gets older.


  2. Great. More wonderful stuff to look forward to. One of my kids favorite games is to make me and Mr. Fab kiss, then roll on the ground gagging and yelling ‘Yuck!’ or ‘Ew!’. Ah, Friday nights in the faboo household ROCK!


  3. Jeez, I’m already getting this from my 2 year old. “NO! My DADDY!” or “No, MYMAMA!”, as he shoves in between us. My husband said, “How are you ever going to get a little brother if its like that?” Kid said, “NO BROTHER!”
    Great. Who needs birth control with him around.


  4. When I look at it from your daughter’s point of view, it seems awfully clear: Why NOT marry a girl?

    I like turning to your blog for cutting edge political points of view, but I’m fully happy that you’re pointing out these beautiful moments regarding your family.


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