"It’ll kill ya!"

I’m trying to teach Ilia phonics. Sigh…I suck as a teacher and she’s stubborn. Life is not happy. I’ve been reading since I was 4 and it struck me that what helped me was The Electric Company. So, I pop onto YouTube to find some clips. I found clips that I had forgotten about. I found clips of songs that I’ve been singing and couldn’t remember where I learned them. One of those songs is Poison. I’ve sung it to the kids before, but didn’t know if I had heard it before or if I made it up. I had a dance to it, so I assumed I learned from TV, but didn’t know where. Well, here it is and even though I’ve changed some words, I’m pleased to note that I had all the dance steps down:


3 thoughts on “"It’ll kill ya!"

  1. OMG! I have never seen this before!!! W.o.w….I love the “….or you’ll just diiiiiiiiiiiiiie!”….Great choreography too. I would have rocked out to them as a kid 🙂


  2. Bubba loves Electric company videos that we rent. I’m thinking about buying them because I spend so much time looking for them online and at the store!


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