Mitt Romney desperately wants to win the state that his dad used to govern. All the GOP candidates have been talking economy while in Michigan. Rightfully so, as the economy is probably the top concern of the Land of 10,000 Lakes.


On the Democrat side, only Clinton is on the ballot there. This is because the Michigan Democratic party chose to have it’s primary before Super Tuesday. Therefore, the DNC stripped Michigan of her delegates. To show support all the Democratic candidates, save Clinton, removed their names from the ballot. The Democratic voters have the option of voting for Clinton or uncommitted. The state party is urging voters to vote ‘uncommitted’ to send a message to the DNC. Both the Obama and Edwards campaigns are telling voters to vote uncommitted, so that Clinton doesn’t walk away with all the delegates.


5 thoughts on “MICHIGAN PRIMARY: Some tidbits

  1. I actually voted for Mccain to try to get someone that wouldn’t make me cry if we had another Republican for president. That really made my die hard republican co-worker mad-she screamed “He might as well be a Democrat” lol! I almost felt like I was committing voter fraud by voting Republican.

    They didn’t expect a good turn out, I should check the polls.


  2. Oh, that’s funny. My cousins were torn between voting GOP or not voting at all. Last I heard 4 hours ago, there was still a debate. The whole family (15 of them!) usually goes and votes together. A few of my friends voted for Hunter or Huckabee just to mess with the GOP field.


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