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The first 40 minutes were dedicated to old shit. I mean really rehashing. I told my husband, it looks like Pretty Boy and Potatohead thought they were hosting a special Jerry Springer show. After that, it got homicidally dull. Yes, even for me. I was over at BooMan Tribune and it was generally agreed that these people don’t know how to ask questions. My husband had mentioned it seemed like a boring job interview. Right when he said that, I refreshed and saw:

Russert got so much bad feedback from his last debate that he’s now decided to use standard questions from a job interview book.

A reply:

I was thinking the same thing. Is he going to ask them why they left their former jobs?

It’s clear that only Joan McCarter and Dr. J. Feldman should only be allowed to ask questions at debates.

The debates were so boring we started talking about what kind of underwear the candidates wear.

But then something happened…They took those boring and dry questions and made them interesting. We got to hear the candidate talk about nitty-gritty stuff. Each of them did well, though Clinton did have too many of the Mommy Lecture moments, Obama was stiff when it comes to quoting numbers and Edwards actually bragged a bit.

Even though you couldn’t pay me to vote for Edwards and now Clinton is in that same boat, I say they each proved that we Democrats have nothing to worry about if either of the three on stage win the nomination or the presidency.


And I really want to reiterate my previous post:

I know that this means that when MSNBC hosts the GOP debates in Boca Raton in a little more than a week, that Giuliani and Thompson will no longer be invited. After all, what other criteria could they have used to omit Kucinich from the Democratic debate last night in Las Vegas?

I don’t quite understand how NBC, ABC and Fox gets the right to usurp the election process, but it is a farce that these people who cover the people they party with are now telling us who is a candidate and who isn’t, just based on criteria that isn’t shared. The American public should be up in arms about this. I mean, marching in the streets pissed. Like they do in countries where people actually care about what is happening to their democracies. But the American public would probably be more pissed if some stupid model or dancing show was abruptly pulled.


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  1. I hear you! I didn’t watch the debate though since I don’t have cable and live in a lower level in Northern MIchigan so my Bunny Ears don’t get much. I could have been listening to NPR.

    I enjoy today’s blog 🙂


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