Mitt Romney won (finally!) the GOP race. Since his daddy was governor of Michigan, Romney was really hoping he’d win. And he did. Another coattail riding candidate. Yee-Haw! From MSNBC:

Republicans | Polls | County Results
Candidate Votes % of votes Delegates won
Romney 337,847 39% 23
McCain 257,521 30% 6
Huckabee 139,699 16% 1
Paul 54,434 6% 0
Thompson 32,135 4% 0
Giuliani 24,706 3% 0
Uncommitted 17,971 2%
Hunter 2,823 0% 0

I know that this means that when MSNBC hosts the GOP debates in Boca Raton in a little more than a week, that Giuliani and Thompson will no longer be invited. After all, what other criteria could they have used to omit Kucinich from the Democratic debate last night in Las Vegas?


On the clusterfuck that was the Democratic side of the debate, Clinton “won” a meaningless and undemocratic debate. According to MSNBC, her campaign still chose to send out an “I won!” press release.