NEVADA CAUCUS: MSNBC calls it for Team Clinton

There’s a lot of head scratching going on in the blogosphere over these calls. I guess because they have 59% reporting they’re going for it:

Democrats | Polls | County Results
Candidate Votes % of votes Delegates won
Clinton 3,003 50% 0
Obama 2,679 45% 0
Edwards 272 5% 0
Uncommitted 13 0%  
Kucinich 3 0% 0
Richardson 0 0% 0
59% of precincts reporting

But it looks like the Clintons are going to be handed NV, based on one county. Team Clinton actually lost in all the other counties in NV, it seems. Seems that Edwards supporters broke for Obama after the first round. I’m not shocked at that. I am a bit surprised over Edwards small showing. Is he sure he wants to keep this going until July? Can he?

As for as South Carolina is concerned, I wouldn’t be surprised to see Edwards largely white support move over to Clinton, simply based on race. Especially since the media has been pounding the last few days how Obama has sewn up the “black vote”.


5 thoughts on “NEVADA CAUCUS: MSNBC calls it for Team Clinton

  1. ok faboo…I’m going to start relying on you as my source for all political related news. Are you up to it? Lol. I have decided recently I need to make time to pay attention…sigh… so tired. Working full time, two kids, spouse that works 55 hours a week and now blogging. Plus I probably should get a friend or two…but who has the time.


  2. Oh, I don’t know if you want to do that. Clearly, I’m partisan toward Democrats though I’m sometimes quick to point out BS when I see it no matter who it’s concerning.

    I completely know how you feel on the time thing. It is hard to pay attention and the stuff that gets printed in the newspapers (I rarely watch my TV) counts on you not paying attention and only seeing the headlines. I open my LA Times and look at the headlines, then I read the articles. 90% of the time the article completely contradicts the headline or has no basis in reality.


  3. Well I am total bleeding heart liberal bastard so I wasn’t looking for something non biased lol. Actually I found you by searching for Liberal mama blogs. But really, I guess I could look online ~sigh~ 🙂 It’d just really save me the time if you’d do all the reading and give me the cliff notes ;). how very irresponsible of me!

    have you gone to (I think it’s org) I like going there to find out whats being spun the wrong way in the media.


  4. LOL…okay if you don’t mind…more liberal mamas is what this world need if you ask me.

    I have been to FAIR and even when I was journalism/advertising major (for a hot minute) in college, we used their papers in class.


  5. btw, I am the WORSE housewife…well I’m not a housewife so Housekeeper? I think your “about me” could be about me except that I don’t read as much as I’d like. The photography, jewelry maker, liberal dem, video games even. I kick ass in the fighting games. I killed everyone at our Company Christmas party last year.
    ok, time to try to clean the kitchen..sigh again 🙂


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