SOUTH CAROLINA DEBATES: Is it hot in here…


Double Damn.

Obama brought it. Clinton…well she looked petty. Edwards finally got himself in there.

This is going to be shortish and I’ll do another post tomorrow. I don’t know if I like this template because I can’t do a “blockquote” here and ya’ll know I quote up a storm.


You’ll notice democracy in action again, with Kucinich excluded from the debate. Such a shame as he bring topics to the table that Clinton almost falls over herself to usurp, even though we know she won’t do a damn thing about them. As usual.

Here’s a nutshell: Clinton did another oppo dump, Obama went upside her head, Edwards was like, “Mommy and Daddy don’t fight!”

Okay, that was biased and assholish.

It was still true. The spin coming from everywhere is posting the most quotable Obama line directed at Clinton, reminding her that he was a community organizer while she “was a corporate lawyer sitting on the board at Wal-Mart.”

The crowd cheered. Loudly.

And that was in the first 10 minutes.

From my POV, Clinton was clearly staggered for that and she came back with:

Moments later, Clinton said that she was fighting against misguided Republican policies “when you were practicing law and representing your contributor … in his slum landlord business in inner city Chicago.”(AP)

Oh. Zing.

One. The consensus from all my post debate phone calls, blogging and IMs and that that made her looks petty. Secondly, it’s another Clinton obscuration. When I explained to people the “slumlord” thing and how she (weakly) managed to tie that to Obama, everyone started bringing up all those old Clinton scandals. Neither hold water, so you’d think Clinton would know better not to go there.

From that point on, Clinton just looked pissed. It was clear that she was trying not to, but it didn’t help. She yelled, she roared, she snapped. It was embarrassing. Again. People were asking, “Is she going to cry again?” That’s not cool. That’s not the response you want to induce in people. She trotted out her “reality check” line. She made a lot of statements that directly contradicted everything she had said in previous debates. Hell, most of her new stances aren’t even up on her website. Yet. Still, the Clinton’s do have a bad habit of saying one thing and doing something opposite of that. While she’s busy parsing Sen. Obama and Sen. Edwards votes as bad choices, she neglects to mention that 99% of the time she often voted the same way they did.

Edwards explained more of his policies, a little better, but you have to wonder where the money will come from. Naturally, he hit on the lobbyist thing again. He said that he’ll never have a lobbyist working for him. That sounds a bit unrealistic. Isn’t DC littered with lobbyists? Aren’t they like actors out here in LA? The one thing that turned me off of Edwards tonight was his, “I can go anywhere in this country and campaign. They can’t do that. I can go into the rural south.” Ugh. Shorter Edwards: Vote for me because as a white guy, I can go wherever I want to.

Really? Okay.

Obama did much better tonight than he usually does. He still gets side tracked after applause. And he. Still talks. Slow. Spit it out already! He handled the insanely insulting and stupid “Is Bill Clinton the first black president” question pretty well. I would have called that fool out his name and had some choice words for Clinton too. After all those racists attacks from the Clinton’s campaign, some black guy actually asked that question.

So that was my version of the debate. I’ll post some video and transcripts later.