CA Primary Election

I have about 5 posts that are almost ready to go, but before I post them, I want to do a quick rundown of the propositions on the CA Ballot and the LA City items.

I’m a Democrat, but with iniatives/propositions, I usually break away from the party.  The legislature of CA does not do it’s job, instead the people of CA are usually forced to vote on things the legislature have been elected to do.  Because of rampant and ongoing misconduct with the tax dollars of our state, I now reflexively vote against anything that asks for money, especially school bonds here in Los Angeles.  Until the areas with the most defective and ineffective schools get help first, I refuse to vote for school bonds so that I can watch an upscale middle school in Santa Monica get a brand new video lab.

The next few posts will be dedicated to each ballot proposition. I know that too many people go into the voting booth, ignorant of the details of these propositions, unaware of how much power they hold in that Inka-Dot.