Prop. 91 is a largely useless proposition, in that we already have propositions on the book that do what this prop. proposes to do.

This proposition, as I understand it, will stop the Governor from raiding the pocketbook of the transportation budget.  This proposition states that all funds earned for transportation usage (roads, highways and the like) will be used only on transportation usage.

The original proponents of Prop. 91 are urging you to vote against it:

Passage of Prop. 1A means that state politicians in Sacramento can no longer take our gas tax dollars and use those funds for non-transportation purposes.

Because Prop. 1A is now law, hundreds of millions of dollars in existing gasoline sales taxes are being sent each year to local communities for projects to relieve traffic congestion, improve safety, and fund mass transit.

By passing Proposition 1A, voters solved the problem of state raids of our gas tax funds.

Proposition 91 is no longer needed.

We respectfully urge you to vote NO ON PROPOSITION 91.

I agree.