Proposition 94 is called the Slot Machine Proposition. I call it the Tribes Get to Bend the Rules Again Proposition. I vehemently opposed these Indian gaming propositions. Since the idiot voters of CA approved these casinos, the tribes have gotten greedier and greedier, and frankly, all those promises of what the money will do hasn’t actually gone to the poor on reservations. It’s bullshit, that a tribe can all of a sudden cull it’s members  just so more people can get a bigger piece of the pie. Meanwhile, the poor keep being poor.\

The bill mainly benefits the Pechanga Band and their casino.

The language of the bill:

A “Yes” vote approves and a “No” vote rejects, a law that:

  • Ratifies amendment to existing gaming compact between the state and Pechanga Band of Luiseño Mission Indians; amendment would permit tribe to operate 5,500 additional slot machines;
  • Omits certain projects from scope of California Environmental Quality Act; amendment provides for Tribal Environmental Impact Report and intergovernmental procedure to address environmental impact;
  • Revenue paid by tribe to be deposited into General Fund; tribe would make $42,500,000 annual payment and pay percentage of revenue generated from the additional slot machines to the state.

While the state and some local coffers may benefit from what the tribes will give, I’m very hesistant to approve anything that “omits certain projects from scope of California Environmental Quality Act“. It’s bad enough that housing developers and real estate moguls often can $$$ dissuade local government from doing any type of environmental impact analysis. When you consider our water woes and other environmental worries, you must wonder exactly what “certain projects” are.

No on Prop. 94.



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