Proposition 97 is similar to Props. 94, 95 & 97.  This one focuses on the Agua Caliente Band.

I still say No on this propostion.

Now, I know that Propositions 94 – 97 will more than likely pass.  The opponents are talking about Slot Machines, I’m looking at the possible (probable?) environmental impact and the voters of California are going to see how much money the state could possibly get from these propositions.  It will be passed because Californians are greedy and would prefer to get money into state coffers the easy way.  It seems that I’m the only one who remembers that the current governor and legislature can’t even work with the money they have.  More money, doesn’t mean that more things will be taken care of.  With this way this state is run, it more likely will me that more friends and cronies will be taken care of.


2 thoughts on “CALIFORNIA BALLOT: No on Prop. 97

  1. I loved what you have to say over at Blogher so I have linked you to my budding political blog. I like your opinions you hit the nail on the head on a lot of stuff. I hope you come to SF for the Blogher conference or to Atlanta for the Blogging While Brown conference in any case, your voice is strong!


  2. Thanks! I’ve already registered for BWB, but I don’t have plane or hotel yet. I don’t think I’ll be able to get to SF for BH because my sister and her family will be here from France that same weekend. I already told them that we’ll be here when they visit.


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