Water, water everywhere…


It’s still raining.  I mean that in the in “it started raining at midnight and has never stopped” sense.

Going craaa-zeeeeeee!

I thought that having some rain would be nice.  I wouldn’t have to water my plants, saving my energy and money.  What I’ve learned is that my garage is basically a really large sponge.  Water is just dribbling into the back wall and the other three walls are wet.  Then we realize that we don’t even know if wet wall are normal, because interior walls usually have the decency to put on some drywall when they’re around mixed company.   I’ve also learned that my basement also mysterious leakage. The place you’d expect rain to get into are dry.  The water seems to be coming in from the wall that supports the doorway between the kitchen and the laundry room.  I’ve also learned that my house has more entranceways for ants that I care to know.

But you know what really makes me sad?  We didn’t get a rain barrel when we bought the house.  Everyone, even the people who sell rain barrels, kept saying, “You live in Southern California.  You’re not going to get enough rain to make it worthwhile.  Meanwhile, I’m watching free water rundown my driveway.  Waaah.

The upside, is that I get to watch my kids interact with each other more.  At least they’re a hoot. The boy comes up to me and says, “Mama look!  I am a robot.” And he does this chubby-cheeked robot dance.  The girl walks by, “Oh Lord…don’t tell me he’s doing that again!”  We say, “She’s way too young to sound so world-weary.”   She’s teaching him the alphabet, which is interesting since in his world the alphabet is: A, C, I, L, O 3 and go.

I read that it was supposed to rain through today.  Then I read that it was supposed to rain through to Sunday.  If it wasn’t so cold, I wouldn’t have a problem taking the kids out.  They’re going stir crazy.  Now…they both look at me with those big, brown eyes, holding their snowsuits.


6 thoughts on “Water, water everywhere…

  1. hahahaha! Your kids sound like mine! My daughter got my sense of humor. sometimes a good thing, sometimes not so much!

    Sorry about the wet house. I always cringe when we get alot of rain because I’m never sure where it is going to get absorbed and then pour out later


  2. As always, I adore Ilia more and more.

    I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but the most recent weather report is now saying that it’s supposed to rain through Tuesday.


  3. sha-boogie, you can have my rain…today was a glorious and gorgeous warm, blue sky day. Then, the wind blew in and like that it was cloudy and it’ll probably start raining soon.

    Ruth: You have to meet them. They’re are the funniest little kids and they love each other so much. Alton won’t listen to me, but he always listens to his Ya-Ya.


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