Do you know PHP?

My husband decided to “update” our biz site and now it looks like utter shit. I mean, it looks like the body was done back in 1996.  I spent a lot of time on the site and while it wasn’t the best,  I worked with what I had.  But now, the site would win “Web’s Ugliest Site” awards.  Okay, now you’re thinking it’s one of those sites with the black background’s and yellow or turquose test that moves or blinks at you.  It’s not that bad.  It’s getting there though.

So, I have a few templates here that I like and I want to get them up and running.  Problem is that I barely know CSS and using a web-based WYSIWYG editor and I am just lost.  I installed Joomla yesterday thinking that would help me with the functionality that I need.  It does…but I’m totally lost at the mysql stuff and I’m really confused on how to get the php stuff to work.  Like, do I use Dreamweaver to alter the php and css code?  If so, then what the hell is Joomla for?

Pfffft…I don’t even know how to get my Joomla bits online.  I see a publish button, but you know as much I hate that ugly-assed site, we need something up there.

So, I started using Kompozer as a WYSIWYG editor for a page.  All was fine until I realized that the image sizes in my template are fixed.   So now our logo is tiny.   I still don’t know how to get, say my modules from Joomla onto my new template.  I can’t upload my template to Joomla and even if I did, I’m not going to pretend to understand were they’re going.

You know…my adirah site is not up because I don’t get php.  I would get to the point where I can add text or whatever and all it would take is for one photo to not work.  Or even worse, with the stupid php admin for Zen Cart, when I wanted to change say a line of text, I’d have to open 5 different windows to do it.  3 of the 5 windows had the same suffix.  Grrrr….Motherfuckers are still charging me.  I just an email yesterday saying I was going to be charged and I don’t even know how to use it.

Well, back to the dungeon for me.