BTW, I don’t think I even put up the results of last week’s GOP primary:

Republicans  |  Polls | County Results
Candidate Votes % of votes Delegates won
McCain 147,283 33% 19
Huckabee 132,440 30% 5
Thompson 69,467 16% 0
Romney 67,132 15% 0
Paul 16,054 4% 0
Giuliani 9,494 2% 0
Hunter 1,048 0% 0

For whatever reason MSNBC did decide to include Rudy Giuliani in the recent GOP debates.  That means that MSNBC is only interfering with the Democrats access to all the candidates.  I suppose as long as they can’t keep Ron Paul out of the Debates, Giuliani will be there.  Just remember this.  The media is still not covering Paul and most of the articles about Giuliani are about his campaign tanking.  Once they can get rid of Giuliani, Paul will be uninvited to the debates.


So anyway, today’s the day that hopefully Sen. Obama wins South Carolina.  Shady election stuff is expected and Jack and Jill Politics is asking that anyone in South Carolina with a video camera do some shooting.