With no precincts reporting, CNN and MSNBC are saying that Sen. Obama has won.  When I first logged in they had about 700 votes totaled, now:

Candidate Votes % of votes Delegates won Projected winner
Barack Obama 6,010 51% 0
Hillary Clinton 4,014 34% 0  
John Edwards 1,720 15% 0  
Dennis Kucinich 22 0% 0

I don’t know…when I first logged on, Obama was ahead by 70%.  Then it was 58% when I started this post.  I refreshed and it’s 51%.  I understand that he had barely a double-digit lead going into this race, so we should expect this to get closer.

The media keeps hitting second place, it’s assumed to give The Clinton’s a moral win.  I think the story is actually Edwards inability to win on home turf.  He’s from N. Carolina, but he did live in S. Carolina for awhile.  There’s no favorite son there.