He’s a person

We tend to think of Alton as a baby still, even though he’s 2.  He’s becoming a person, and it’s hilarious listening to him and watching him interact.

Last night, I was out in the garage smoking, because it was pouring down rain.  Amid the spatters of raindrops, I heard the distinctive pater of little feet.  I looked out into the darkness then saw his curly head appear.  Seems he decided to come outside.  With no shoes on.  :/

I quickly picked him up to take him back into the house and as we walked down the driveway, he looked up, “Hey!  Rain!”.

“Yes, rain…that’s why you need to wear shoes.”

“Hey! It wet!” he shouted.

I replied, “Yeah, water tends to be.”

He looked up as rain fell on his face, “Cool!  Mama, rain cool!”.


2 thoughts on “He’s a person

  1. That. Is. Cute.
    Hey, did you get my comment reply about da’ zoo? Its kind of rainy, but would be fun to go there or whatever sometime. I’ve been seriously short on blog commenting/reading time lately, just finished two major projects yesterday though. Email me if you want, at this address or the other one I left you.


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