Flooded basement update

So, ya’ll know how dirt broke I am…On Sat. night, the electricity went out in half the house. Breaker was just tripped and couldn’t set right. An electrician came on Monday morning to fix it. Turns out that $5200 I spent back in Feb. ’07 was even more useless. We found out that more stuff Citywide Electric said they did, didn’t get done. The electrician charged $250. We only had $395 total in 3 bank accounts (no credit cards here). So, we’re pretty fucking broke, is my point.

I called a flood expert and she said it would be $650 minimum up to possibly $1200 to unflood my basement. Click. I chose to go to Newland Hardware where I rented a sump pump for $25 for 4 hours. I got that bad boy home and pumped my basement out. Not completely, but enough. I checked the basement this morning around 5am and it looked fine. I took the pump back around 8am, and went on with my life. 45 min. later, I went downstairs and noticed the water got higher. ๐Ÿ˜ฎ Ran back to get the pump (an extra $14) and pumped it out. The only problem is that there was still 2″ of water in there. That meant we needed a wet vac. Yet another thing I wanted to buy back when we had money, but didn’t Oh well, I’ll just rent one.

The guy at Home Depot said that to rent a wet vac for a day costs as much as buying one, so I bought one. Who knows if the basement will flood again. I got the wet vac going and we’ve gotten a lot more water out. Went down to the basement to check it and what did I find under the sink?


The people who owned the house before us had a sump pump and they left it here along with a ton of hoses. We never understood why they had so many hoses. Now we fucking know.

And no, they did not disclose this flooding problem to us at all. This is us, beyond pissed.


3 thoughts on “Flooded basement update

  1. No WAY!
    Did you get a home inspection when you bought? My hubby is a home inspector & his company has to pay money out all the time to repair crap like this that inspectors miss. You can call & complain to them, if you had one.
    Sorry. That’s crappy.


  2. This problem is somewhat up my alley. So here goes. You need to dry out the basement before mold starts to grow. Use a fan or dehumidifier if you have one to dry everything. Next when the weather gets better you’ll have to check the weeping tile around your foundation. What’s weeping tile you ask? Check out:
    You’ll notice in the picture at the right the foundation is black. That is what’s called subgrade waterproofing.
    I’m guessing there’s cracks in the foundation wall near the garage letting the water in or the weeping tile is damaged or was not installed properly. At any rate you’ll need to dig down about 3 to 4 feet around the foundation to find out what’s going on there. And now you know why it costs so much. It’s usually dug by hand and can take a few days to fix the problem. The average job runs around $2000 mostly labor costs.
    One last piece of advice. Be darn careful when trying to turn off the power while standing in water! It could be the last thing you turn off.


  3. Thanks Demeur, I can tell you that digging down into 5 feet of clay soil…that’s so ain’t happening.

    The fans start going tomorrow. We’re lucky that our basement gets pretty good airflow (it’s not sealed), so I’m not that worried about mold.

    I can tell you right now that there’s no drain tile (tha’ts what I call it) at all. II was telling my husband last night that we need to get that installed, because there is no way I’m digging a 23′ x 3′ x 5′ trench in clay soil. All underneath the house.

    Subgrade waterproofing! Thank you. I was telling my husband last night about that stuff and kept blanking on the name. I kept saying, “It’s like sheathing, but for basements. And waterproof.” Duh.

    And yeah, we make sure to be on dry land when using the power tools. But that costs above, was just for getting the water out of my basement. That wasn’t for adding or checking for drainpipe. SInce I have clay soil and no access on the outside of my house to the soil, I was quote $7894 (this is the cheap quote) to do the work, barring no surprises. If I give them permission to go ahead and tear up my driveway, it’ll cost me a little more AND the price of a new driveway.


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