ELECTION ’08: John Edwards out

That’s all the news right now, that John Edwards is dropping out of the race today. I’m kind of stunned. Edwards has always said that he’ll stay in until the party’s convention. Even as recently as Sunday, he said it. I guess he’s giving a speech in New Orleans today at 1pm (EST). I’m really shocked. I hope it has nothing to do with his wife’s cancer. She’s been pretty much gone from the campaign these past few weeks. I read somewhere she was getting more chemo treatments and those alway sap life out you.

Edwards has his delegates up for grabs and something interesting:

Four in 10 Edwards supporters said their second choice in the race is Clinton, while a quarter prefer Obama, according to an Associated Press-Yahoo poll conducted late this month. Both Clinton and Obama would welcome Edwards’ backing and the support of the 56 delegates he had collected.

This completely changes our world. For the Democrats, the options now are between a female and a person of color. I’m so excited!



3 thoughts on “ELECTION ’08: John Edwards out

  1. Wow! I heard it first here. History. I’ll always remember where I was at this moment. Reading your blog. OMG, I’m crying. Such a big sap, I am!


  2. I’m really curious about Thursday’s debates now. Clinton is going to dump more lies (if her stump speeches are any indication) and Obama has no cover of Edwards saying “knock it off”. We can only hope that Obama goes back to rising above it. Let Clinton go negative and let her look stupid (as usual) doing it.

    Still, my LA Dem council had an informal survey a few weeks ago and out of 500 people, Edwards came in first (32%) and Obama at 26%. The Clinton’s came in 3rd place at 15%, Kucinich was 12%. We just completed another survery after South Carolina, but even those numbers will change with Edwards dropping out. I’m wondering how big those numbers will change.


  3. Thursday’s debate certainly will be more interesting now for several reasons. I think Edwards will be paying particular attention. I think if he wants to have a big impact on this race, he should make an endorsement this weekend (before Super Tuesday), and what Hillary and Obama say in this debate could be key to Edwards’s decision.


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