Kisses to The Tempest

I was over there visiting last week and saw the funniest thing ever:

Thanks guys for letting me snag this!


2 thoughts on “Kisses to The Tempest

  1. I laughed when I saw that.. then I went over and read about Huckabee. What’s so sad is there are many many Christians out there who do not share Huckabee’s believe that “all environmentalists are pornographers” etc and yet its their faith that is also muddied by scary fundamentalists like Huckabee.

    I for one am praying like mad he won’t become our next president.


  2. I know what you mean, but Huckabee and his associates make fundamentalist look like moderates. You have to read the diaries at Street Prophets regarding Huckabee. Since most of the people there are religious or interested in religion AND write on religion, you learn a whole lot about the people Huckabee chooses to have on his campaign.


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