ELECTION ’08: McCain endorsements

Sen. McCain, who is majorly hated in conservative circles, seals his fate with endorsements from other Republicans openly despised by conservatives: Rudy 9iu11iani and The Governator. Last night at the debates you could hear that the crowd was firmly behind anyone-but-McCain. The hisses and gasps were audible, every time McCain made a statement, particularly when he got a dig in at Romney.

Giuliani, never was a conservative’s dream. He has many liberal beliefs (no, we don’t want him either) and a creepy personal past. Though, with the latter issue, I think if it involved a gay scandal, he’d have been forgiven if he’d announced that he was born again. Republicans…o.O

Schwarzenegger is having troubles at home. See, he ran this recall campaign against Gray Davis, won it and has spent the last year doing all the same things Gray Davis got recalled for and people aren’t happy. Republicans aren’t happy. Conservatives aren’t happy. Well, the people who own yachts are happy. Now, Republicans in state are grumbling and talking recall. Again. Conservatives, who never embraced the governor are now doing the I-told-you-so dance. Republicans are (finally) regretting their votes.

I won’t presume to know what goes on in the mind of a GOP voter. I mean, these are people who happily voted for Bush twice (4 times in Texans cases) and are now calling Bush ‘liberal’ for some crazy-making reason. Still, McCain was so desperate to be president, that the few ethics he had, he willingly sold them out to be BFF with Bush. McCain likes to talk about how he stood up to the president (like twice), but he fails to admit that he also swiftly got on his knees.

Heading into Super Tuesday, it will be very interesting to see if the endorsements of two non-conservatives will help the so-called “Maverick” and his Weasel Talk Express.


I just found out that Gov. Hair Perry is going to endorse McCain. Remember that Perry had already endorsed Giuliani. From MSNBCs First Read:

As he continues to rack up high-profile Republican endorsements, John McCain today told reporters that Texas Gov. Rick Perry will endorse him this afternoon. The brief mention of Perry, who endorsed Giuliani in October, was prompted by a reporter’s question of whether backing by Rudy and Schwarzenegger — both who are considered moderate on many social issues — will truly aid McCain in courting Republican votes next Tuesday.


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