ELECTION ’08: What I learned at the Democratic debates

  • Wolf Blitzer is the biggest idiot ever.
  • Clinton refused to answer questions on Iraq, her vote and her willingness to disengage from the illegal war.
  • Obama hit hard, but nicely on every topic; healthcare, immigration, character, Iraq…
  • Obama was pretty funny tonight, especially in hitting the GOP.
  • Both of them did well in emphasizing Democratic unity and slamming the GOP.
  • Clinton kept bringing up the 90s and all she did while in the WH.
  • Obama promised more transparency in gov’t.

3 thoughts on “ELECTION ’08: What I learned at the Democratic debates

  1. Looks like I need to write more about why Hillary needs to distract from her record on Iraq. πŸ™‚

    I did not watch the debate, but I have read and heard some reviews. The consensus seems to be that 1) while both candidates did well, this was Obama’s performance so far, and 2) Wolf Blitzer is a tool.


  2. Both facts. Blitzer sounded like a complete moron. He had asked Obama a question, it was answered and Blitzer said, “That sounds like a swipe at you, Sen. Clinton!” Both of them looked at him like he lost his damn mind. He did that like 4 times throughout the entire debate.

    As for Clinton on Iraq, I think Obama pretty much nailed on her on why her Iraq vote was stupid. She tried to use her weasely talking points and he called out each and every one of them, and then said something like, “It’s nice to have someone ‘ready from day 1, but we need someone who will be ‘right from day 1′.” Gasp! Swoon! Great Ceaser’s ghosts!


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