Flooded basement: A photoblog

Monday before I pumped the basement.

This is today, after two days of pumping and vacuuming out the basement.  I discovered the drain.  It was under a 6″ stack of wet cardboard and newspapers.

My crawlspace behind (upslope from)  the basement.  I’m assuming there’s no drain tile along  the foundation  The water is running along the entire north side of the house.  This photo is interesting in that with the naked eye (even using a flashlight), the entire crawlspace looks completely dry.  The water only shows up when flash is used.f


One thought on “Flooded basement: A photoblog

  1. Oh good. You found the drain. One other thing you need to do is put 6 mil black plastic in the crawl space otherwise the moisture down there will start rotting your wood support structures. I know, I’ve done hundreds of crawl spaces over the years.


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