Lost Season 4 opener

Whoa.  I’m still trying to wrap my head around what happened there.  The flash-forwards are seriously messing with my brain, as I try to unravel, just WTF may have happened.  The Oceanic Six???  What happened to everyone else?  Is Kate’s ‘him’ one of the Six?  Was the person from the funeral in last season’s ending one of them?  Was the person from the funeral, Hurely?  Then there was the whole Charlie thing.  Why was the other patient able to see him?  Did anyone the nurses see Mr. Abbadon?  Why was the voice over the phone when Kate answered it different from when Jack answered it?  And is Christian Sheppard alive or what?  Is he included in the Oceanic Six?

There were some pretty great moments of TV there too.  When Ben called Alex ‘his daughter’ and Danielle clocked him, that was neat.  Rose saying, “I’m not going anywhere with that man.” was awesome.  Locke is psychotic.  And yes, I cried a little when Hurley told Claire about Charlie.   The part with Jacob’s cabin just bent my brain and twisted it some more.

I was reading some review or something and it said, “You don’t have to have watched Lost to know what happened.”  Pshaw…I watched every episode of the previous 3 seasons, some of them 2 or 3 times and I’m lost.


5 thoughts on “Lost Season 4 opener

  1. No kidding…Like I said, I watched everything on DVD before. I don’t think I can handle waiting a week between episodes. We were talking about waiting until the season was over to watch, but then it will drive me nuts knowing that I’m missing out.

    I read something today that said even if the writer’s strike ended today, that they couldn’t film the rest of the season in time. That definitely bummed me out.


  2. K. totally Lost. I’ve never seen an episode. I’m totally not part of the cool crowd 😦 But wanted to stop by and say CONGRATS on the MOVE! Love the new site and updated you on my blogroll 🙂


  3. Yeah, pretty much the end of this season and most probably all of next season is gone.
    But once they get to go back to work, there should hopefully be a lot of new all together.


  4. LOL@Sandy…I hadn’t watched the show until October. You really should watch it on DVD. For me to watch a TV show is pretty big. For me to be jonesing for one is monumental. It’s a really good TV show. Not just well-written, but the cinematography is awesome and the storyline is brilliant.

    There was an article in the LA Times the other day that was spot on:

    If you attempt, as I recently did, to describe the events of the first two episodes of the new season of “Lost” to someone who hasn’t watched the show in a while, you will find it a humbling experience.
    Even if you could explain such things in an orderly fashion, you would still sound absolutely insane. And you will see this reflected in the face of your friend as he or she slowly, carefully, edges toward the door.
    The show is crazy, man, now more than ever, and I mean that in the best possible way. Crazy like a really big roller coaster, the kind that goes backward, or the first time you have a full-on, drama-delicious blowout with your lover in public. An hour’s worth of emotion-churning chemical dump right in the old brain stem — horror, hysteria, regret, adrenaline and what, oh what, will happen next?

    Yeah…I tried to explain stuff to some friends and they were like, ‘Wha-huh?”


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